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The android mobile phone systemAndroid Replace the newLOGO

Brand newLOGOTo enhance the comparative color,With black text and the combination of the green icon can improve recognition,At the same time also weaken the text,Enlarge figure robot[View the full text]

The central radio and television receptionLOGOMark show

The central people's broadcasting station was established1940Years,Is the most important in China、One of the most influential media。2010Years,The central people's broadcasting station released its whole[View the full text]

LOGODesign software is recommended

LOGOCreative design

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PSMushroom illustrator tutorialPSMushroom illustrator tutorial
AIRestoring ancient ways design drawing train illustrator tutorialAIRestoring ancient ways design drawing a train
Teach you how to design a golden ratio graphicslogoMark——The big fishTeach you how to design a gold
Vertical gradientlogoWorksVertical gradientlogoWorks
Design aesthetic principles of compositionDesign aesthetic principles of composition
Three-dimensional letters(m)LOGODesignThree-dimensional letters(m)LOGODesign


Some sign of building engineering constructionSome of the construction of the construction engineering standard
To streamline the mobile house plane cartoon logoTo streamline the mobile house jet CARDS
The year of the horselogoMaterial downloadThe year of the horselogoUnder the material
The unique word markThe unique word mark
Unique horse logoUnique horse logo
The sunset beauty stuffThe sunset beauty stuff